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Cable Assembly Options

Direct Connect Systems offers high quality, ISO9001-2000 Certified, custom manufacturing. We have pre-engineered a broad range of options for cable assemblies so that we can provide our customers with the shortest leadtimes possible. When developing your custom cable specification please keep in mind some of the options described below.

If you would like features not described below, please contact us and we'll be happy to quote any option you feel is important. 

All feedback type assemblies are built using shielded, twisted pair cable. The overall shield protects against external EMI interference. Shielding on power or brake assemblies is optional but generally recommended on servo power cables. This is to protect other sensitive circuits from EMI that the power circuit can create.
DCS offers both standard flex and hi-flex cable. Standard flex would be for static applications and hi-flex is designed for more demanding applications where cables are subjected to frequent bending.  Cables used in cable-tracks or subjected to frequent flexing should use the hi-flex option. 
Jacket Material
We use PVC or PUR jacked cable depending on your automation environment. PVC is suitable for medium mechanical demands like in packaging machines and assembly lines. For the more rugged demands of machining centers with high levels of oils and cutting fluids PUR jacket is recommended. If your application is relatively clean and cable flexing isn’t required an unshielded SO cord for power cables can be used to reduce your overall cable cost.   
Your cable length is our standard length.  We make cable assemblies to your length specification, so you won’t have unneeded cable taking up room in your control cabinet.  

Connector Options

Connector Sealing

We provide connector solutions that fit any environmental application from IP20 to IP67. For hose down applications we have retrofitted factory installed motor connectors to provide IP67 sealing.             
      IP20 = Finger safe           
      IP55 = Limited protection from dust & liquid spray
      IP65 = Dust tight & liquid spray resistant
      IP67 = Dust tight & protected from temporary emersion  

Connector Orientation

For most connections we can provide either straight or right angle connectors on the motor.